trademark translation

trademark translation

Want to translate brand name or your trademark to register it in the intellectual property?! I searched a lot for high quality

org/">translation offices in this matter and did not find it yet.No longer want to look for trademark brand translation requirements
The dictionary office provides it for you now
With an explanation and description of the sign and Latin letters and writing the way to pronounce them in Arabic and correctly

 :The dictionary office now provides you with the features you are looking for in one place, which are
Professionals and experts make it easy for you to translate your brand with the highest quality
Best price as we compete with the market now by providing prices that suit your requirements
Our experience exceeds 10 years so don’t worry with us to translate your brand correctly and accurately
We work to provide a mark translation and description of a mark completely completely without  errors 100%
The brand brand is translated in Saudi Arabia to match the Arabic language and reflect the main meanings that the brand owner wants to clarify
The trademark must be translated, described and explained so that it does not conflict with any other trademarks registered in the Kingdom
Where the brand translation can be worked on by a certified translator or a company specialized in commercial translation
And make sure that the translation is applied accurately
Because you can only register your trademark if it is fully translated in order to be accepted, let’s suppose, for example, that we have the name of an institution
We want to register a trademark or abbreviate it to symbol, shape, words, signatures, or a combination of any different signs
To be the logo of the institution in order to be registered in Saudi Arabia
The dictionary offers professionals to do an integrated translation of your trademark professionally that ensures that you register the trademark successfully and that it is accepted and protected through Through the Intellectual Property Authority

So do not worry because we have experts in registering the texts of various trademarks, whatever your mark, and translating them to submit them to the competent authority and register them
officially, legally and quickly

Request your translation now

Practical example of brand translation

We brought an example for you from the ground to show how the sign is translated, explained, described, and how the Latin letters are pronounced through the dictionary in order to obtain a final certified translation. Here is an explanation of how this is done

trademark translation trademark translation trademark translation trademark translation trademark translation trademark translation trademark translation

Types of signs translated by our experts

We divide your trademark into parts and translate it accurately and professionally at the hands of experts and professionals to receive you with high accuracy in which the meaning of each letter and form of your trademark is explained to you, as well as the translation in its correct and confirmed meaning to get the full service of trademark translation, and we are distinguished by its implementation in the shortest specified period to complete your request as quickly as possible

We work to provide different types of trademark translation in order to cover all your  needs, including

Trademark registration
Voice tag recording
Also register a social sign

It is used for recording when distinguishing between different goods, products and services

Check mark or watch

We work as a trademark translation office to support the translation of this type of mark, and it is done in order to indicate that an examination or control has been conducted

Registration of the mark of beneficial bodies

It is among the marks that need to be translated as a trademark, which is a mark that is registered for non-commercial purposes, such as marks and logos that professional institutions use to distinguish their correspondence or also serve as badges for their members.

Renewal or update of the trademark

Of course, sometimes we need to re-translate our trademark in order to re-register it with the competent authority to enable the institution to re-order a new logo or trademark, which is what we offer translation for through us

Transfer of trademark ownership
Edit tag data

Here, we need the professional dictionary team to provide a new translation when changing any part of your activity brand to transfer it from one meaning to another

Application for licensing the use of the trademark

After accurately translating the trademark, it allows the owner of the establishment to request a license. Of course, acceptance takes place when the translated meaning of the mark is confirmed

Revocation of the license to use the trademark

Trademark crossed out

Brand pledge

It expresses the granting of a person a mortgage on the trademark by agreement between the two parties through a legal contract granting full ownership

Well decode the mortgage brand

It is working to submit a request to cancel the mortgage of the trademark and return its ownership to its original owner

Request a true copy of the registration certificate

Objection to the acceptance of a trademark

Trademark grievance

Trademark search

It allows the researcher to ensure that the trademark is equivalent to the type of activity that he owned, to help him accept his trademark, in addition to the trademark translation papers that he has already completed

Registering an agent to register a trademark in the agent register

It is like a license given to a legal office or law firm to complete the procedures for registering a trademark

Trademark deposit certificate

It is available only during the registration of your trademark stating that the mark has been accepted in principle and certifies that the mark and its approved translation have been accepted and are still under approval

short products

Because the trademark is divided into 45 different categories according to the Nice Agreement on the international classification, and it is submitted immediately as soon as the rest of the documents are completed

Request to implement a final court ruling on trademarks

Modify tag data (change agent name)

It is the last service provided as a trademark, and it allows the agent himself to change his name data

?What is the method of registering a trademark in Saudi Arabia

To register a trademark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must go to the General Authority for Commerce and Industry and enter the registration application through the official website of the authority. These are the steps that you   must follow to register the mark

You must provide the information of the trademark you wish to register, by filling out the registration form on the official website.
You must place the trademark on the list offered for registration, as well as provide the trademark drawing and any additional information considered important.
After submitting the application, the trademark will be verified and its registration will be confirmed in the event that there is an opportunity for registration and that it does not conflict with previously registered trademarks.
It should also be noted that the trademark must not be previously used and not conflict with any previously registered trademarks.
Also, the mark must be different from other registered trademarks and not be used for illegal purposes.

The best brand translation office

If you are looking for a translation office that is accredited and distinguished by all those in charge and employees, then the dictionary office is the best place where you can translate all your papers and documents easily, by a specialized team that has been carefully selected from all countries, and with all specializations, so that the translation is done properly. 100% correct and without any spelling errors.

With obtaining a trademark translation, you can also design it in a way that suits the needs of the Ministry of Commerce, in order for the trademark to be properly registered with the best leading institutions in trademark design through experts and pioneers in the world of design. Get now a commercial identity design for your site

The best website for corporate identity design

While designing our commercial identity, we all want to design our own website in order to make sure that we present the project to you, including the website and the translation of the commercial identity as well.

How many of us have tried to create a website and failed to find the right company or the right price? Have you searched for the Kuwait company, which is one of the best institutions in the Arab world, to create your website and design a corporate identity

The institution is characterized by efficiency, quality, follow-up, implementation, and even receipt and approval, because they always want to win success partners for them and not just temporary customers, so never bear the trouble of that because we advise you to deal with Kuwait

How to translate the trademark with the glossary office

The trademark is translated with the dictionary office in a very special and elaborate way that differs from any other place, as there are many steps that are used by specialized translators in all languages, in order for the translation to be done accurately and correctly.

Voice translation is also possible for the trademark and everything related to it is available at the Lexicon Office in Riyadh, just contact us immediately until you get what you want

Advantages of translating documents with us

There are many advantages that make you use the dictionary office for translation, which are:

Serving more than 100 languages around the world
It is considered one of the most important features of the Al-Moajm Office for certified translation, because this number of languages are not translated in any other place in translation offices anywhere, but rather they are satisfied with translating the most common languages only.
The office is also distinguished by the great diversity of languages, in which you can translate the trademark and all documents and files in the language you want and search for them with ease.
We also provide you with certified translators who are fluent in professional translation from more than 100 eastern and western languages around the world.
Translation company accredited in all embassies

The dictionary office is one of the translation offices accredited by all the embassies of the countries of the world, international bodies and multinational companies.

Where you can obtain with us the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation of any document issued through us, as we are a certified translator in the Kingdom and use that document in any other country around the world.

Thus, we guarantee you a prompt and accurate translation completely by the largest team specialized in all fields to provide the best services to customers

Fast translations with high efficiency

With the best accredited translation office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can get a translation of all the files and documents you need as quickly as possible, unlike any other translation office, as we greatly appreciate the importance of time for the client in translating any document he wants and in the language he desires

We also guarantee that you will translate the trademark correctly as well, through the specialized team inside the office, as the translation is not done by only one person, but rather several translators specialized in the field from which you want to translate, so that we can guarantee you a correct translation that is free from any errors

Various translation of all kinds or disciplines

Within the Al-Moajm Translation Office, we provide you with translation of many services, and for each service there are a number of translators specialized in its field, in order to ensure the translation is complete and correct as well. There is no other place in Riyadh except at the Al-Mu’jam Office for certified translation

The Al-Moajm Translation Office provides accredited translation services in Riyadh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether simultaneous translation or translation of all documents or media files from all technical disciplines or general fields

For example, the accredited legal translation service that we provide for all contracts and legal papers, as well as the translation of financial documents and everything related to commercial transactions, as well as simultaneous translation

Thanks to the carefully selected work team, which includes a large number of professional translators in various specializations, such as legal translators, specialists in translating financial and commercial documents, and other sectors that we serve

What is the brand

We can define the trademark as the marketing practice in which the company creates its own name, symbol or design, where the public can easily identify it upon seeing it.

It also helps to identify the product and make it distinct from all other products, and it is considered a very essential way that enables you to distinguish your company from all other competing companies, so you must build a distinctive brand in order to be a true representation of the identity of the company.

There are many areas that are used in the development of the brand, including customer service, promotional merchandise, reputation and logo, and all these elements when created together create a professional profile for your company that attracts the attention of all customers with ease.

Why is the brand important

The importance of the brand lies in the fact that it is the basis of trade and all different businesses, because of the general impact it has on the company, as it determines the public’s view of your company and your products, and it can also be a major reason for increasing your audience and their knowledge of the company.

 :Among the most important reasons for the importance of a strong brand are

You get recognition

The trademark is the main reason for the company to gain recognition and become widely known to all consumers, and the logo is one of the most important elements in the brand because it is the basis for the face of the company.

Therefore, when choosing a logo for your company or commercial project, it must be chosen very accurately in order to be easily entrenched in the minds of customers, and printed promotional products are also a means of communicating the idea.

Increase business value

Branding helps greatly in increasing the value of your business, when trying to create future business, and this is done by giving the company more influence in its own industry, which makes it a great and more attractive investment opportunity due to the well-established position in the market.

The brand generates new customers

The brand generates many new customers in the company, as it gives a good impression on the company, which contributes to a large increase in the number of customers and consumers, and it is certain to deal with the company through them, due to the supposed familiarity and reliability of using a name that they can trust.

Once the brand is firmly established in the minds of customers, then word of mouth will be the best and most effective advertising method for the company.

It improves employee pride and satisfaction

A successful and strong company brand helps make customers and employees more confident about the job within the company

A reputable brand helps the public respect the company

It creates confidence within the market

The attractive and professional appearance of the brand, which is well planned by the company, helps to make there is more trust with customers and consumers within the market

The brand supports advertising

Advertising is highly supported by the brand, as it is one of its components, and the strategies will directly reflect the brand and its desired image

Learn the steps to register a trademark

The Ministry of Commerce attached it via social media and indicated that these are the steps used to register the mark correctly and completely

ترجمة العلامة التجارية

Apply via
Pay the fees through SADAD system
The application is reviewed and the mark is checked within 7 days
After accepting the application and paying the publishing fees, the mark will be published electronically for a period of 60 days
In the event that there is no objection to the mark, pay the registration fee
Receive the trademark registration certificate electronically and protect it for a period of 10 years

The importance of brand translation

Brand translation helps spread the company’s products greatly by publishing them in more than one different language, so that audiences from all over the world can know all the details of your company and thus increase customers and consumers.

Therefore, many company owners search for an accredited office through which they can easily translate the trademark of their company, so we will now show you the best translation office in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and even the entire Arab world

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