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We Are A Certified Translation Office In Riyadh. We Provide Translation Services For All Types Of Files, Reports And Documents To And From All Languages.

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Certified Translation Office near me

The Best certified translation office in Riyadh

Shumukh Al-Najah Translation Office near me for translation is the best-certified translation office in Riyadh. We provide All translation services from more than 100 languages over the world.

Our office includes a wide selection of the best translators specialized in the translation industry with unique precision to reach the ideal formula for the translated text.



Therefore, we receive all translation requests not only from the most widely spoken languages such as English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

But we also cover a huge number of other languages, whether they are spread across the Asian continent or the rest of the entire continents of the world.

How To Get Certified Translation?

Certified Translation Services


We always strive to provide more than what the client expects
This methodology helped us achieve a customer satisfaction rate of up to 99%.

Certified Translation Pricing

Service Price Duration
Iqama Translation 40 riyals 10 minutes to 15 minutes
Trademark Translation 400 riyals 30 to 60 minutes
Medical Report Translation Starting from 50 riyals 25 minutes to 120 minutes
Translate Driving License 100 riyals 10 minutes

Best Certified Translation Office In Riyadh

Translated More Than 100 Languages ​​Around The World

The Lexicon Office Is Distinguished By The Very Great Diversity Of Languages ​​It Supports, And We Are Always Expanding To Cover All Languages ​​Spoken By All Visitors And Residents Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Although Most Of The Accredited Translation Offices In Riyadh Are Satisfied With Providing Translation For The Most Common Languages ​​Only, Which Makes Them Unable To Provide Appropriate Solutions Permanently. Therefore, We Have Provided Certified Translators Who Are Fluent In Professional Translation From More Than 100 Languages ​​Of Eastern And Western Languages ​​Around The World.

Translation Company Accredited In All Embassies

The Dictionary Is An Officially Accredited Translation Center For All Government Agencies, Schools And Universities Inside And Outside The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. In Addition, Our Translation Office Is One Of The Translation Offices Accredited By All Embassies Of Countries In The World, International Agencies And Multinational Companies. Where You Can Get The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation On Any Document Issued By Us As A Certified Translator In The Kingdom And Use That Document In Any Other Country Around The World.

Fast Translations With High Efficiency

There Are No Accredited Translation Offices In Riyadh That Provide Translation Of Documents Or Any Service In The Field Of Translation Faster Than The Dictionary Office, Which Provides Fast And Highly Efficient Translations. So You Do Not Need To Wait A Lot Of Time To Get Your Certified Translation, Just Contact Us And Get The Required Translation In An Official Certified Image As Soon As Possible. Especially Since Many Individuals And Companies Operating Within The Kingdom And Their Employees Face New Challenges When It Comes To Translation From One Language To Another.

Various Translations Of All Kinds Or Disciplines

The Dictionary Office Provides Accredited Translation Services In Riyadh, Whether Simultaneous Translation Or Translation Of All Documents Or Media Files From All Technical Disciplines Or General Fields. For Example, The Accredited Legal Translation Service That We Provide For All Contracts And Legal Papers, As Well As The Translation Of Financial Documents And Everything Related To Commercial Transactions, As Well As Simultaneous Translation. This Is Thanks To The Work Team That Includes A Large Number Of Professional Translators In Various Specialties Such As Legal Translators, Specialists In Translating Financial And Commercial Documents, And Other Sectors That We Serve.


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Certified Translation Articles

Iqama translation

Iqama translation is a necessary process for individuals who intend to travel or

Medical Report Translation

Translation of an approved medical report for government transactions As all government agencies

Translate driving license

driving license in arabic A Translate driving license in general is the official

Translation of immigration papers

Translating immigration documents is one of the most necessary things that many people

Our Branches In Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Certified Translation Office In Northern Riyadh

If You Are Looking For An Accredited Translation Office In Northern Riyadh That Provides You With Professional Translation Service. We Are Close To You On King Khalid Road, King Fahd Road, Al-Takhasosi Road, King Salman Road, And Most Of The Northern Neighborhoods. Are You Located In One Of The Neighborhoods Of Al-Arid Or Al-Malqa, Al-Nada, Al-Rabeeh, Hittin, Al-Yasmine, Al-Narjis, Al-Aqiq, Al-Wadi, Al-Falah, Kairouan, Al-Khair, Al-Sahafa, Al-Nafl, Benban, Al-Ghadeer, Or Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University? Contact Us Now Via The Numbers Shown At The Bottom Of The Site Or By Clicking On The Call Button Or The WhatsApp Icon To Start A Direct Conversation With Us. Or You Can Visit The Office Headquarters At The Nearest Branch To You And Submit The Documents To Be Translated, And Receive Them At The Earliest Date.

Certified Translation Office East Of Riyadh

One Of Our Offices In Eastern Riyadh Provides A High Level Of Professional Service With Sophisticated Dealings With Customers. Our Services Are Available In All Neighborhoods Of Al Sharq Municipality, Such As Al Remaya, Al Nazeem, Al Janadriyah, Al Nadwa, Al Marjan, Al Wissam, Al Bayan And Al Rehab. And Also In The Neighborhoods Of Al-Rawdah Municipality, Such As Al-Hamra, Seville, Granada, Al-Shuhada, Al-Nahda, Al-Rawdah, Al-Andalus, Cordoba, And Al-Yarmouk. In Addition To The Neighborhoods Of Al-Sulay Municipality And Al-Naseem Municipality, Such As Al-Jazeera, Al-Nour, Al-Fayhaa, Al-Difaa Al-Salam, Al-Rawabi, Al-Rayyan And Al-Manar. And Our Office In The East Is The Best Accredited Translation Office In Eastern Riyadh Due To The Speedy Delivery Of Reports And Final Translated Files.

South Riyadh Translation Office

Because We Have A Lot Of Clients Who Are Looking For An Accredited Translation Office In The South Of Riyadh, We Have Now Provided This Service In The Olaya Public Street In The South, And In The Neighborhoods Of Olaya, Malaz, Al-Rawdah, Al-Naseem, Al-Batha, Al-Azizia, And Certainly In The Al-Sefarat Neighborhood. In Addition To That We Are Also Located In Al-Shumaisi, Al-Uraija, Al-Shifa, Al-Sulayy, Namar And Irqah Neighbourhoods. We Provide Translation Of All Official Documents, Medical Reports, Certificates, Documents, Text Files And Multimedia Of All Kinds, Certified Translation By All Foreign Bodies, Consulates And Embassies. In Addition, The South Riyadh Office Provides The Most Accurate Translation At The Lowest Prices And The Fastest Delivery Time.

West Riyadh Translation Office

One Of The Advantages Of West Riyadh Certified Translation Office Is That We Provide Translation Services From Almost All Languages ​​Of The World. Which Exceeds The 100 Languages ​​Spoken By The Guests Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia From Everywhere. In Addition To The Multiplicity Of Branches And The Diversity Of Services Throughout Western Riyadh, Such As The Neighborhoods Of The Municipalities Of Al-Shumaisi, Al-Uraija, Irqah And Namar. Because We Also Take Great Care To Provide The Best Service In The Quickest Possible Time, The Lowest Cost And The Highest Level Of Customer Service. On The Other Hand, We Have Been Able To Provide The Possibility Of Translating Literary Works And Research From Different Scientific Disciplines. Which Gives Us Preference Among All Translation Offices In Western Riyadh.

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